Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Preparing Your Child For A Preschool

Placing your child in a preschool is very essential for his/her overall developmental outcomes. Since preschools provide the first learning experience for kids, they can be intimidating (to say the least) for kids and parents alike, if parents haven’t prepared their kids beforehand. A preschool setting is very warm and interactive, however there are still potentialities that your kid may not be able to cope with that environment. Here are a number of things that you, as a parent, could do in order to make the first learning experiences of preschool fun for your kid.

Make your kid accustomed to the preschool

Kids typically have a hard time opening up to individuals or an environment they're not acquainted with. You got to take care of this by giving your children a tour of the preschool they’re going to be placed at. This gives children enough time to induce in conjunction with the preschool and its learning methods. And once they do finally get into a preschool, they don’t feel any sense of paranoia or anxiety as the place is already known to them. You can additionally explain all the fun activities in the preschool program to your kids, so that they seem to possess a positive impression of the preschool.    

Buy some preschool exercise material to stimulate the classroom setting  

You can get your kid some preschool exercise materials like books, canvas, coloring box, and more before sending them to the preschool. The dry run can facilitate a child in not facing any difficulties in the preschool while working with these materials. Teaching your kid how to use colors or how to cut with scissors is an excellent vantage for them. More or less, this is an offshoot of the last point – but with actually knocking some practical knowledge in your kid (figuratively speaking). 

Expose your kid to alternative youngsters

Preschool is a social environment where kids learn how to interact with people more effectively. For each interactive activity that goes down in a very preschool, there's a group of kids assigned to that, to make it more effective. Group activities can enhance the development of children as they learn to work as a team or the way to board a society, in a simpler sense. However, some kids have zero chill around individuals and they can get claustrophobic around so many unknown faces – no joke. Before sending your kid to a preschool, you ought to expose them to other kids to ascertain how they react around people. Besides that, you must perpetually encourage your child’s involvement in cluster activities. 

Allow your kid to be independent

Preschool is the first time (maybe?) when a child is away from his or her parents. And although preschool takes care of their children with finesse and caters to their needs, it’s still a new place where children, in some ways, are on their own. Preschools such as Williamsburg Northside Preschool have a very active environment. Active in the terms that there's perpetually something going on in there. In order for your kid to keep up with this, you ought to start training them to be more self-reliable early, early by a really long shot. So by the time they’re in a preschool, they’ll do just fine. 

Working way ahead of your time can make the learning experience for your child even more effective. If this appears complicated to you, try creating a listing of the things that your kid needs to be aware of before he/she is in a preschool. Attempt to incorporate all the above points in your list, and see how some preparation can entirely amend the preschool experience for your kid.


  1. Thank you for this excellent write-up. After having to (verbally) convince both my wife and child, I can’t help but wish that I had found this article before. Though things worked out in the end, but I believe I could have saved my son the embarrassment of being a new kid after he got in almost a week late.

    1. I can imagine the difficulty your kid would have faced. It is not easy when you are the 'new kid' or even slightly different from others. Also, I would like to add that not only kids but parents have to prepare themselves as well. Some parents have a hard time letting go and that could add to the problems that the kid might face.