Saturday, 16 July 2016

Why I’d Recommend This Williamsburg Northside Preschool My Child Attended

When Joshua turned one and a half, I realized it was about time for me to start looking for a preschool for him.

As I had the time to take care of him when he was younger, I was exempted from the otherwise compulsory duty of finding a daycare for him.

I had to start from scratch while looking for a Williamsburg Northside preschool for him to attend as applications were due in the fall before enrollment.

I was sure about one thing- I did not want a preschool that focused too much on structure as I felt that overly-structured preschool programs do more harm than good.

There should be plenty of room for free play and child-mediated exploration, both of which give wings to a child’s imagination and tug on his/her impressionable, yet intelligent mind and nurture a child’s intrinsic abilities.

I felt that the Reggio Emilia approach was a good place to start- hence, I started looking for preschools in the Williamsburg Northside preschool which followed this preschool philosophy.

I filtered out the viable options from the lot and delved in deeper for more details about the preschools.

One particular Williamsburg Northside preschool caught my eye for 3 reasons:
  1. It followed the Reggio Emilia approach,
  2. It had a lower school too that was run by the same parent institution, located not far. (The lower school also followed the Reggio Emilia approach) and lastly,
  3. It was a minute away from us.

Now, coming back to the more important factors that led me to choose this preschool, now Joshua that has graduated from the same and is attending lower school:
  • The preschool had a balanced curriculum that included subjects like community service, music and art, apart from the conventional ones like math and science,
  • It focused on all the core developmental areas which included complex and analytical thinking,
  • The programs were targeted to encourage the children to be independent-thinking, creative and contributing individuals, capable of logical reasoning.

These points more or less sum up the school philosophy, which, for me, was all that I wanted from a preschool for Joshua.