Friday, 11 December 2015

Why do Our Kids Need Superheroes?

As a child I was completely into superhero stuff. I feel nostalgic every time I see my tiny tots enjoying their favorite superhero DVDs. The memories of bygone winter evenings when as kids we lounged near the fireplace and read superman comics are something that I cherish even today. You know what is the most difficult part of parenting a daycare toddler? To keep them interested and absorbed in learning. When I got a notification of blog update by Williamsburg Northside, I was expecting another reminder of a school activity, less I have imagined the Teaching with a BANG idea To keep the toddlers excited about learning the basic principles of science, language, art and other life lessons, educators at Williamsburg Northside came up with learning science with superheroes concept. Can an abstract idea like Superheroes inspire my kids? Very well, they can.

Most of our superhero characters are based on some sort of scientific fact. They are far more than exaggerated fictional and animated character. They can imbibe the values of truth and justice (Remember these superhero dialogues - Whosoever hold this hammer, if he is worthy, shall possess the power of Thor - from Thor; With great power comes a great responsibility –from Spiderman), they can be looked upon as a curiosity and inspiration to our young geniuses who can brainstorm a real world dimension to science fiction.  I have even prepared my list of superheroes –

A fictional superhero character that first appeared in American comic book series in 1962.

After a radioactive spider (arachnid) bites a high school student Peter Parker in a science exhibition, he gains super strength, agility and intuitive 6th sense. He is an academically brilliant student and is good in applied science, mechanics, chemistry and mathematics. He engineered his signature web shooters at an age of 15!

Lesson: With great power comes great responsibility. People with power (or in power) always have a desire. They always have a choice- to do  something that is good for others or to do something which is meant for their own good. To make a decision, you have to be generous, far-sighted and thoughtful.

A fictional American business tycoon, ingenious engineer and superhero. He first appeared in American comic book series Tales of Suspense in 1963.

A whip-smart and brilliant boy, Tony Stark has dual master’s degree in electrical engineering by the age of 19. He designs a powered suit of armor (also known as Iron Man’s armor) and builds the successive updated versions of his armor to protect the world. He also runs a successful business of weapons manufacturing.

Lesson:  iron man has his share of some hilarious mistakes, failures and even some engineering flops too and he acknowledges that. Because you won’t get it right always does not mean that you will stop trying. To achieve the success, you have to traverse failures.

The capped crusader and Dark Knight, batman first appeared in American comic book series Detective Comics in 1939.

A billionaire and philanthropist, Bruce Wayne or Batman is an ‘in charge’ of a fictional city called Gotham City. Dissimilar to other counterparts, he does not holds any type of superpower. Instead, he banks on his physical strength, martial art techniques, intellect, and science and of course, his enormous wealth.

“It’s not who you are underneath, it’s what you do that defines you.”

Lesson: Nobody will ever remember you for what you are meant to do but for whatever you do. Batman series are more than an action-packed entertaining thriller show, it gives a lesson what it takes to be a benevolent character with superhuman capabilities.

! I am in all praise for Williamsburg for their out of the box teaching ideas. Children love superheroes, we all do and educators at Williamsburg Northside Daycare know this too well! Initiating teaching activities like this, or making these characters a part of classroom activity is definitely an imaginative and fun thing to do. Because it’s what we all want – to teach our toddlers how to live with courage and daring (quite like superheroes).

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Things to Remember Before Taking Your Child To A Daycare

The first instance of taking your toddler to a daycare can be full of apprehensions. The obvious separation anxiety also makes the transition of a child from the home comfort to an unknown space a lot more difficult. Here are few things that parents must follow to sail through this transition, along with their toddlers.

  • Reassurance is essential
Giving your toddler some indications regarding what a daycare is like, helps to ease the initial anxious moments for him. You can brief him about a day at a daycare and what kind of events may unfold. You can tell him about the lunch time, the naptime, and the snacks that will be served. All this can give your baby a sense of reassurance. It gives a sense of predictability and lets him prepare for the day in a better way. For a continued reassurance, the story or briefing must be repeated with slight emendations every day. Reading a picture book of a daycare like the Williamsburg Northside daycare is another option, as is sharing a picture of the classroom.

  • The importance of research is irreplaceable 
There is always something fishy being said about the daycare services. Invariably it propels our fears about sending kids into the arms of strangers. An answer to such speculations is a fine research work to find the best daycare provider for your toddler. To assuage your fears, you must ask plenty of questions regarding the staff of the daycare and how trained they are. Having done your research and having observed the working staff with hawk eyes, you can tell yourself that whatever little anxiety that still remains is just an age old anxiety of a parent. Last but not the least, follow your gut feeling with aplomb.

  • Give them something that smells like home
Anything that carries a memory of home for the child like an old teddy or dad's T-shirt can make those initial interactions with a daycare a little easier by providing a home like comfort to your child. A laminated happy-family photo can work wonders too.

  • The good old checklist always helps
One of the hardest things to deal with is to remember the oodles of stuff that need to be carried along with the baby.  Bottles, bibs, pacifiers, crib sheets, diapers, and wipes, extra set of clothes, and snacks are enough to confuse the hell out of you. To quell the chaos, the good old checklist may come in handy. Post a daycare checklist near the front door or on your phone to help remember daily items, but also seasonal stuff like sunscreen, hats and boots. Pack everything the night before and you might tame the morning hiccups and start things on a good note.

  • Do regular check-ins.
For certain parents, letting someone else take care of their children is a tough ask. They might lose their sleep over how much sleep their children are getting or what their friend circle is like. A pertinent solution for this anxiety is to foster a rapport with the daycare services provider. It'll provide a better glimpse into the world of daycares and crèches, hopefully one that makes you both happy. Daycare providers like the Williamsburg Northside Daycare are a wealth of knowledge. Good ones will surely make you walk through some recommendations.

Friday, 9 October 2015

A Daycare Can Make A Difference

“Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.”

Learning is a magnificent bonus for all and sundry. We all realize its essence and strive to provide our children an enriched learning that would shape their life. We search for the schools that can provide the high-quality education to our children. But there is a basic principle and that is, the ability to learn is always backed by certain basic skills. The ability to pay attention, follow directions, communicate and cooperate with others is imperative for a fulfilling journey. A good daycare can impart these basic and fundamental skills to the growing children, preparing them for future academic pursuits.

Williamsburg Northside Daycare, located at 70 Havemeyer Street, Brooklyn encourages the young learners to explore the world around them and along the way help them gain behavior management skills. They prepare your child for the routine and social setting.

How a daycare can make a difference - 

At Williamsburg Northside Daycare, ideas for the classroom are inspired from the children’s interest and curiosity. Teachers at Williamsburg focus at –

  • §  Developing a concrete foundation for the child’s ability to pay attention as it’s a prerequisite to learning.
  • §   Effective communication that is essential for the practical learning. Williamsburg Northside Day care is a day care that encourages the children to express evocatively.  In the process, children learn to listen their teachers and peers, understand them and express their own selves during discussions and conversations.   
  • §  Creating a stimulating environment that is conducive in instilling social skills in the child. Learning social skills does not only help the children navigate social settings but also instills in them the ability to modulate their emotions. This ability proves helpful when children are required to manage their behavior and maintain a sense of emotional balance while dealing with the challenges during their academic and co-curricular pursuits.

Williamsburg Northside Day care not only provides a loving and nourishing environment to your child but also fosters their learning experience so that they can become confident and motivated individuals.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Completed 3 Years in Williamsburg Northside Daycare

Today I completed my third year in Williamsburg Northside daycare, and truth be told, I am rather happy about it. I know that taking care of and teaching kids was not what I wanted to start my career with when I joined the daycare as a part-time teacher. At that time, I was still in college, and I had to pay off my loans, so when I got an opportunity to teach kids in Williamsburg Northside daycare, I took it. I had some experience with babysitting my neighbor’s kids, so I wasn’t much worried about the children in school. I wish I had thought this through. Handling school kids is nothing like babysitting. 

Dealing with kids is not as hectic as some people think. While it’s true that a screaming kid can tick some people off, things get easier when you stop thinking about yourself for once, and start thinking about the kid. A lot of people also make the mistake of shouting or screaming at children. Here in the US, I have seen, or heard about people who would shout at a crying toddler. This, in my opinion, is a horrible thing to do, and can result in serious psychological complications for the child. In Williamsburg Northside Daycare, kids are treated as valuable members of the society, and the future bearers of the flame of the human civilization. It is up to us to make sure that they are nurtured in a way that would make the next generation to the greatest one yet. 

Since its inception, the daycare has provided the kids with a stable platform to grow on, and become leaders. Our activities would include arts, music, crafts, and a chance to let the kids know about the world and the environment. I have seen a lot of kids who are more concerned about the planet than some grown-ups I know of, are. 

The concern that a many parents face, is that the trust they place on some teachers might be misused. But, in the 3 years that I have been here, I have never seen a teacher treat a toddler harshly.