Friday, 12 August 2016

Fun Playing Ideas Employed In The Williamsburg Northside Daycares

Daycares in Williamsburg Northside promote many types of activities to keep children engaged.
Here are a few indoor play ideas to engage kids in the best way possible:

Music & Movement:
The point of dancing is to move your body. In case of young kids, it can go a long way in their physical development.

Freeze Dance: A common practice in many Williamsburg Northside Daycares, this dance form has simple rules- keep dancing to the music, and freeze when the music is paused. With awkward ‘freezing’ poses and funny faces, this game has always been a hit with kids.

Fill in the Blank Songs: It involves the teacher singing out well-known nursery rhymes, and intentionally skipping words for children to fill. It helps in their memory development.

Obstacle Course: Make a tiny obstacle course with playing blocks and other classroom items, and let the children find the right way across the course. It helps build their motor skills, and kids learn to be more careful around obstacles.

Scavenger Hunts: Think of a theme, jot down hints, hide objects all around the class and let the children embark upon an epic scavenger hunt, guided by hints and clues.

Yoga: Teach simple yoga poses to the children. Although they might not be able to do it properly, the fun factor of kids doing yoga always helps.

Arts & Crafts:

Sky is not the limit for imagination and a good imagination helps develop creativity skills in kids. Employ a number of drawing and painting activities to fuel the children’s minds and ignite their creative side.

Collage-Making: Teach them how to make photo collages, and ask them to use their own approach in collage-making.

Self-portraits: Encourage children to draw themselves using a mirror and canvas, and paint it in their desired colors.

Origami Basics: Teach the kids how to make shapes and objects using origami paper. Ask them to try making their own designs and let their imagination run wild.

Abacus: Quite a few daycares in Williamsburg Northside have abacus education as a part of their day-to-day activities for the older kids to help in the development of problem-solving and motor skills.