Thursday, 29 October 2015

Things to Remember Before Taking Your Child To A Daycare

The first instance of taking your toddler to a daycare can be full of apprehensions. The obvious separation anxiety also makes the transition of a child from the home comfort to an unknown space a lot more difficult. Here are few things that parents must follow to sail through this transition, along with their toddlers.

  • Reassurance is essential
Giving your toddler some indications regarding what a daycare is like, helps to ease the initial anxious moments for him. You can brief him about a day at a daycare and what kind of events may unfold. You can tell him about the lunch time, the naptime, and the snacks that will be served. All this can give your baby a sense of reassurance. It gives a sense of predictability and lets him prepare for the day in a better way. For a continued reassurance, the story or briefing must be repeated with slight emendations every day. Reading a picture book of a daycare like the Williamsburg Northside daycare is another option, as is sharing a picture of the classroom.

  • The importance of research is irreplaceable 
There is always something fishy being said about the daycare services. Invariably it propels our fears about sending kids into the arms of strangers. An answer to such speculations is a fine research work to find the best daycare provider for your toddler. To assuage your fears, you must ask plenty of questions regarding the staff of the daycare and how trained they are. Having done your research and having observed the working staff with hawk eyes, you can tell yourself that whatever little anxiety that still remains is just an age old anxiety of a parent. Last but not the least, follow your gut feeling with aplomb.

  • Give them something that smells like home
Anything that carries a memory of home for the child like an old teddy or dad's T-shirt can make those initial interactions with a daycare a little easier by providing a home like comfort to your child. A laminated happy-family photo can work wonders too.

  • The good old checklist always helps
One of the hardest things to deal with is to remember the oodles of stuff that need to be carried along with the baby.  Bottles, bibs, pacifiers, crib sheets, diapers, and wipes, extra set of clothes, and snacks are enough to confuse the hell out of you. To quell the chaos, the good old checklist may come in handy. Post a daycare checklist near the front door or on your phone to help remember daily items, but also seasonal stuff like sunscreen, hats and boots. Pack everything the night before and you might tame the morning hiccups and start things on a good note.

  • Do regular check-ins.
For certain parents, letting someone else take care of their children is a tough ask. They might lose their sleep over how much sleep their children are getting or what their friend circle is like. A pertinent solution for this anxiety is to foster a rapport with the daycare services provider. It'll provide a better glimpse into the world of daycares and crèches, hopefully one that makes you both happy. Daycare providers like the Williamsburg Northside Daycare are a wealth of knowledge. Good ones will surely make you walk through some recommendations.

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