Friday, 22 April 2016

Features of a good day care center

As a working and concerned parent of a two year old, living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, I was quite discerning and overtly critical to let my child be looked after by a nanny while I was at work. I wanted a more reliable option. The only solution was finding a good Williamsburg Northside day care center which will not be too far from home. 

I did find one which had been serving the locals of my neighborhood and the adjoining localities for almost two decades now. Its past record and testimonials of parents were quite impressive, which is why I filled in their admission form and got my child enrolled without a second thought. 

This Williamsburg Northside day care center had an infant care center where even 3 month old babies were permitted and looked after. Their lower primary school services provided education to primary school students up to 5th grade. They have a formal, structured and stable environment where children are cared for by experienced and trained staff who can effectively deal with children. 

As each child can be quite a handful to deal with in some situations, most day care institutions keep a low teacher to child ratio so that the teachers do not have trouble managing and looking after young children. The low ratio also helps the child to get individualized attention from the teacher. This is a very important criterion that parents and guardians of young children should bear in mind while looking for a day care center. 

Most Williamsburg Northside day care institutions have flexible timings and provisions for parents to volunteer for babysitting services. 

It is important for parents to be careful while deciding on a day care for their child and not get blinded by fancy features and glitzy toys as these are not the factors that will ensure their child’s safety and development. Instead, they should look out for more reliable and important factors like 

  • Institutionalized child care
  • Environment of the center (which should be nurturing)
  • Safety measures available
  • The way caregivers interact with the children
  • Activities employed and equipment provided by the center to develop gross and fine motor and cognitive skills of young children in their formative years.

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